Bridging the gap between Guatemalan nonprofits, donors, and information seekers around the globe

Pionero Philanthropy is a nonprofit assessment organization that provides verified information about Guatemalan nonprofits for stakeholders to access online and via our consultancy services.

We believe reliable information leads to more effective giving, and that together we can create a brighter future for Guatemalan communities.

We are committed to representing grassroots nonprofits through connecting people to great causes and creating lasting, meaningful outcomes.

Pionero Philanthropy

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In Guatemala, there aren’t websites that use publicly available information and organize it so people can do research and make informed decisions. Before Pionero Philanthropy was created, there was no nonprofit evaluator or consultancy that focused on Guatemalan nonprofits, making it near impossible for people to find impartial guidance regarding launching philanthropy programs in the region, or to find verified information about what existed in Guatemala in the sector.

Pionero Philanthropy was created to fill this gap and in response to the clear demand for consulting services and comprehensive data on the nonprofit environment in Guatemala. Our goal is that by providing information to researchers, donors, individuals, volunteers, and nonprofits there will be exciting long term collaborations that will result in significant development outcomes for Guatemala.


Nonprofit Assessment

Pionero Philanthropy partners with grassroots nonprofits in Guatemala committed to making long-term change in their communities.

We incorporate diverse methods of data collection and analysis to provide a more in-depth and culturally competent look at each partner nonprofit. All partner organizations must meet our criteria and undergo our unique and innovative nonprofit evaluation methodology.

Pionero Philanthropy’s partner nonprofits are truly noteworthy organizations.


Research & Data

Pionero Philanthropy provides accurate and up-to-date information about nonprofits in Guatemala in order to bridge the gap between Guatemalan organizations, donors, and information seekers around the globe.

Our Nonprofit Database and interactive map provide comprehensive data on the nonprofit sector in Guatemala.

We also conduct cutting edge studies, research, and literature reviews focused on the Guatemalan nonprofit environment and our unique nonprofit evaluation methodology.



Pionero Philanthropy offers a range of services, from simple “matchmaking” with Guatemalan nonprofit organizations to hands-on assistance with project implementation and evaluation.

Our team of experts can provide assistance in navigating the complex landscape of the Guatemalan development environment and help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Our bespoke consultancy services are available to individuals, foundations, companies, large nonprofit organizations, and academics.

Help Pionero Philanthropy bridge the gap between nonprofits, donors, and information seekers around the globe and facilitate long-lasting and positive change in Guatemala by donating or volunteering!