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Guatemalan Nonprofit & Demographic Map

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It is Pionero Philanthropy’s goal to be fully informed about the Guatemalan nonprofit development environment in its entirety and to form as many noteworthy partnerships as possible.

We have comprehensive written reports on our partner nonprofits in our Nonprofit Database. Beyond our selected partner nonprofit report database, the below interactive map shows all of the nonprofits operating in Guatemala.

For Donors

If you are interested in supporting a nonprofit in a specific theme or region of Guatemala, use our map to find the nonprofits that match your criteria.  You can access more detailed information on partner nonprofits via our database. For further assistance with your philanthropy strategy, we also offer personalized consultancy services.

For Information Seekers

If you are looking for information about the nonprofit sector in Guatemala, we have you covered. We have reviewed data on 15,000 registered nonprofits in Guatemala and those deemed eligible are shown in our interactive map. You can access the complete compiled data in one or more categories via our Database.

If your nonprofit’s information on the map is not accurate, contact us to update your information. If your nonprofit isn’t shown on our map and would like to be added, please contact us.


If your nonprofit is interested in partnering with Pionero Philanthropy, visit our Nonprofit Center. Learn more about our partner standards on our Nonprofit Criteria page.